Mending Broken Cables

A frayed cable isn’t something that should be ignored because it can break at any moment, leaving your car trapped inside the garage—or even worse—cause the heavy door to fall unexpectedly. We help customers fix their damaged cables before such situations occur.We're experts in identifying whether you have torsion spring cables (used with torsion springs) or extension spring cables (for extension springs). With our extensive experience handling both types, we'll get things back on track quickly and efficiently.

Fixing Off-Track Doors

If your doors are off-track due to bent rails or worn-out rollers—the situation needs immediate attention. These issues can prevent the smooth movement of your doors causing stress on other parts too.At Caleb Garage Door Repair, we don't just fix this issue; we take preventive measures so that similar problems won't crop up again soon. Find out more about our Track repair services here.

Why Choose Caleb Garage Door Repair?

We believe in doing the job right. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing you with a safe and reliable garage door, as well as offering advice on preventive maintenance for optimal performance. But our dedication doesn't stop at repairs—we also give advice on maintenance, so you can avoid future issues.From start to finish, we're transparent about what needs fixing and why it's important for your garage door's performance.