The Importance of Professional Repair

Never try to fix a broken garage door spring yourself. These springs are under enormous tension even when they're not in use - trying to remove or replace them without proper training could lead you into serious danger.At Caleb Garage Door Repair Danville CA we've got years of experience dealing with this exact problem safely and efficiently. Our trained professionals understand how crucial these components are for smooth operation and security of your home’s entrance.

Torsion Springs vs Extension Springs

All residential garage doors use either torsion springs (located above the closed-door) or extension springs (found alongside horizontal tracks). Knowing which type you have will help us give an accurate estimate over phone before we arrive at your place for broken spring repair service.

Symptoms Of A Broken Garage Door Spring

If you’re unsure whether it’s really a broken spring causing issues with your garage door operation then here are some symptoms:

  • Your opener strains more than usual or can’t lift the door at all.
  • Your opener strains more than usual or can’t lift the door at all.
  • Your door is crooked when it tries to open.

Our Broken Spring Repair Process

We believe in keeping our customers informed about what we're doing, so here's a quick rundown of how we handle broken spring repairs:

  • First, we secure the garage door in its tracks. This prevents any unexpected movements while working on springs.
  • Next, we carefully remove the damaged spring. It's a delicate task but crucial for maintaining the functionality of your device.